Normally, European racing car constructors do not directly participate in racing activities as works teams, since they are afraid that if they do, general car users tend to look to them as being race-only companies. Then, why is DOME is taking part in racing activities although it is a racing car constructor? This was simply because at the outset there was no team that intended to use our products or technology. In recent years, we have developed our own style of activities combining racing car development and racing activities, in line with the F1 regulations stating that participating teams are confined to racing car constructors. This is ideally suited to the development of HONDA's NSX of which we are currently in charge; development, testing, racing and improvement activities are synergistically combined to form a cycle in the most effective way.
Since we have no intension of entering our DOME S101 and other commercial racing cars for overseas markets into races as works cars, our racing efforts will continue to focus on domestic races. Accordingly, as a result of our thorough commitment to racing activities as a racing car constructor, the DOME Racing Team makes a clear distinction in terms of overall competence by incorporating the development of a variety of racing cars, the application of aerodynamics experiment results to racing, data collection and analysis using various instrumentation systems, a sophisticated racing system including designer- and engineer-led car settings, competitive racing strategy planning and driver control by staff with accumulated experience in racing, sponsor-finding and public relations.