This was an ultimate aero part we produced after spending 2 years for the development (because the staff in the development section was turning their back on the project as usual), it was an unfortunate project which was put on hold right away - the product was completed when the enthusiasm of the staff had already died down, only inquiry we received was from friends of motor sport magazines, no inquiry from the public in spite of the press release and advertisements.
Right after we decided to stop the sales of the product, we received an inquiry from a consumer who was interested. We talked with him and found out he worked in R&D section of a car manufacture and he wanted to use it for test.
As we had already stopped the sales, we sold it to him at a true cost. Few months later, we heard from him about the tests he carried out. He was amazed to see how accurate our official figures were - the figures they got from all tests were as the same as ours. I bet people thought these official figures were just for advertisement and not accurate. If this part was attached to a normal CELICA, the max speed increased by 13.8km/h, generated 91.8kg downforce, fuel consumption was improved by 7.8% (driving on highway at 100km/h as average speed) - because the figures were too good, it is understandable people thought they were only for promotion purposes.
The only mistake we made was the fixed price. We tried to set the price as the same as the general aero parts in the market, and the price became too high as the result of calculating the price based on the cost per dimension.