For a person who makes cars the one thing they want most is probably a Auto Magazine from the future.
None of Dome's staff is capable of actually seeing the future, but through our experience developing cars with various auto manufacturers we do have an idea which way everything seems to be heading. Also as the only racing car constructor the knowhow we have acquired while developing super sports cars should be an important asset when during the concept phase.
When thinking about what kind of car to make, our views which is a little different from a normal manufacturers may come in handy.


Dome's styling and design which is one division of our car development, aims for a high level of design which is also backed up with solid engineering.
Especially during design the designer and aerodynamics engineer will keep in close contact so that the packaging using the CAD system and the wind tunnel test using a real model will be as smooth as possible.
Modelling and the interia mockup will also be speedy and with high precision due to the close communication within the company.


When developing a car you need 20% clay models to full scale mockups built using various materials. At Dome we are capable of building handmade scale models to full scale models machined using an NC machine. By combining high precision layout machines with a CAD design system to redefine surfaces and with a high precision NC machining device together with a refined sense of modelling we are able to produce beautiful models.As special knowhow is required for wind tunnel models, we also have wind tunnel modelling facilities to build stable test models.


The basis of Dome's racing activities is the fact that we are a racing car constructor. Therefore in virtually all the races that Dome has raced in we have raced using a chassis of our own design. From 1986 we have set our goal to enter the F1 Grand Prix and we have shaped our activities around formula cars. We have developed an F1 car of our own and we are currently accumulating knowhow and building up our organisation to make it possible for us to enter.


At Dome we can not only design racing cars such as Formula Cars, Touring Cars and Sports Cars, but we can also design prototypes for small production vehicles from the concept and planning stage as well as Motor Show Models, Concept Cars and Electric Vehicles. We also plan on actively using technology we have developed while building racing cars such as Aerodynamics, Advanced Composites and Electro-Hydraulic Control.


Nowadays wind tunnel tests are indispensable when developing a car. At Dome ever since our first Dome-Zero nearly all our cars have been tested in a wind tunnel. From 1987 when we developed our first wind tunnel and moving belt system the range of experiments has broadened and has borne a lot of results. Due to the differences in size and various other factors the results from a wind tunnel test require interpretation which also requires a certain amount of knowhow. This requires firm background in experimentation backed up by the ability to build stable wind tunnel models and a practical test menu.


Dome is the only racing constructor that has been building racing cars ever since the beginning of motorsports here in Japan. Accumulating and analysing data aquired using onboard data logging devices, wind tunnel experiments at the factory and chassis stiffness testbeds we have built up a systematic method of development participating in races with cars we built ourselves. We also aim towards buliding next generation racing cars through our own development and also technical cooperation with specialised manufacturers and so are gradually
getting ready to enter the F1 Grand Prix step by step.


At Dome we not only have a lot of experience designing and building models for motor shows and prototypes for mass production but we also have a good reputation for our running prototypes which require more advanced design and engineering skills in both Japan and abroad.


Dome is a racing car constructor but we had never actually tried to mass produce a racing car before.
In 1998 HONDA contracted a formula car for a racing school to us which became our first mass production car. Although we have very little experience in this area, due to the network of external fabricators we have developed over the years, we have been able to achieve the quality, cost and lead time you can expect in Europe which has added to our reputation.