Hiroshi Fushida

Born 1946
Fushida studied at Doshisha Junior High School in the same school year as Minoru Hayashi.  They shared the same interests; audio equipments and motorcycles, that united them.  Even after the graduation from the school, they kept a close friendship as both of them were busy with part-time jobs to make their ambitions in motor racing, Fushida as a racecar driver and Hayashi as a racecar constructor, become true.
By the time when Hayashi started to design and build "Karasu" having met Tojiro Ukiya at Suzuka, Fushida had already started his career as a professional racecar driver at Honda.  He then moved to the Toyota works team, set the world speed record driving a Toyota 2000GT, raced in many GP races including Japanese GP's driving a Toyota 7, and won many of the races.
Fushida won the Fuji Grand Champion Series title in 1972.  He also competed many races in abroad such as F1 GP, Le Mans 24 Hours, Formula A in the USA and Tans-Am.
Since his retirement as a racecar driver, Fushida has worked as the vice-president of Dome, the team manager at TOM'S, the president of TOM'S GB before 1992.  Although Audi purchased TOM'S GB in 1998, Fushida remained in the organisation as a director.  He won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2003 as the Bentley team epresentative.
Returning to Japan in 2003, Fushida became the team manager at INGING.  He then moved back to Dome in 2007, and worked for the Le Mans project.
Since 2009, Fushida has been an advisor at "aim" and the JMIA.  He has also been an advisor at the GT Associations since 2012.