"Cheetah" is a "Micro-Formula" which was born from the collaborated project of M-Orido project by racing driver Manabu Orido and Dome.
 Although it is very compact size car which can drive at urbanized amusement institution such as cart courses or specially prepared space in a city, the safety focused chassis was developed having shock absorption structure at its front, right and left.
 Full fledged suspensions as double wishbone type are adopted for both front and rear. "648CC HONDA RC83E water-cooled 4 stroke DOHC unit" and "Constant mesh type 6 shifts return /transmission" are supposed to be installed for the Cheetah which is proud of high maneuverability. Needless to say, it can be driven at full scale circuit. And it can be said that whose greatest feature is the most suitable machine for slide control training such as drift driving by making full use of 3 foot pedals and side brake under the supervision of Manabu Orido.
 Decreasing the running cost as much as possible is also an important concept on Cheetah. Therefore, besides the structure is very simple and solid, the body size is very compact which can be loaded into HIGH ACE considering that the transfer and storage is a bottleneck for general users. Furthermore, there is another attractiveness for having fun as "material" since it has the flexibility which users can modify or tune it, such as replacing it to original cowl etc. by themselves besides having fun by driving.
 In addition, regarding this Cheetah project, we are continuously developing "Suggestion of pleasure" which has not been existed yet, not only just making and supplying a car but also proposing Race, Trial, Driving Lesson, or Rental test drive on the collaboration with large commercial complex in urban area.
 The first proto-type start driving from 2016 Summer, so don’t miss it!!



Overall length: 2600mm / Overallwidth: 1200mm / Overallheight: 1100mm
Wheelbase: 1800mm Minimum road / clearance: More than 40mm
Vehicle weight: Less than 320kg (Empty car target value)
Seating capacity: 1 person

Model: HONDA RC83E
Engine type: Water cooling・4 Strokes・DOHC・4 Valves
Cylinders arrangement: Straight 4 cylinders / Total displacement: 648cm3
Highest output (kW[PS]/rpm): 61[83]/9,500
Maximum torque (N・m [kgf・m] /rpm): 63[6.4]/8,000
Fuel tank capacity: 15L

●Steering・Suspension・Brake・Drive system
Steering: Rack & Pinion (Without assist)
Brake type (Front/ Rear): Hydraulic single disc / Hydraulic single disc
Main frame: Steel pipe space frame
Suspension (Front/ Rear): Double wish bone / Double wish bone
Tier size (Front/ Rear): 185/55R15 / 185/55R15
Drive system: Rear wheel drive

Transmission: Constant mesh type 6 shifts return (Without reverse)
Clutch type: Wet multiplate coil spring type